Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Blog in 2009

I went on blogging hiatus over the holidays, mostly due to the effects of alcohol. This is not to say that I've been drinking the holidays away (although, it being the holidaze, maybe a little bit), this is to say that I have become increasingly aware that youth serves to attenuate the effects of drinking. And, I ain't no youth no more.

I have been thinking about this blog through the holidays and what I want to do with it. I started it about six months ago and I slipped and slid throughout a myriad of ideas about what it was supposed to be. I'm especially embarrassed by my failure to limit posts to 100 words of fewer. By this age, I should have known that I am just NOT pithy. And then I sort of figured out what I wanted to do here.

But I do have some bloggy resolutions for 2009, and in the interest of organizing my thoughts, I'm putting them down here:

1) No more self-indulgent whiny posts. Those are just embarrassing.
2) Slightly more review-y: I've always wanted to keep track of what I read throughout the year and this is a perfect place for it. I'd also like to keep track of plays I see, movies I love, even particular TV shows that I watch. So, review-i-er
3) Proofread!
4) Finish what I start. To that end, I exit this post to finish Snow White.