Friday, January 16, 2009

New Yankee Holiday

One of my friends on Facebook had as her status "Being out in -17 doesn't make you tougher, just dumber"

I disagree. It takes a special kind of constitution to tolerate cold like this. Chicago filters out the week.

I was in Texas earlier this week and they were, I swear, ADORABLE about cold weather. The fellow in charge of the group I was training tried to insist I put on my coat to walk the 30 feet from the door to my car. And it was FIFTY degrees!

But those warm climate folks have gone from adorable to just a little smug. And so I say, it's time for a little old school Chicago boosterism. Yeah, it's cold. Yeah, it's snowy. It's still Chicago, beautiful and historic and populated by some tough motherfuckers. Hence, I am declaring today National Midwestern Call Someone in a Warm Climate a Pussy Day.

Hey, Texas reader! Yeah, you! Pussy.

There I feel warmer already.

(Please be aware that I love all people and this aggressive boosterism is only because I am SO so so so so so COLD)