Friday, January 16, 2009

And Now, the End is Near

Laney is in the tub now and I was just bopping around chatting with her while I picked up upstairs and the following exchange took place:

Megbon: Laney, it's weird to believe that in just a few days, Bush will no longer be president
Laneybon: I know, I know... it's the greatest thing in your life ever
Megbon: Well, I married your Daddy in 2000 and since then there was only one thing that was greater
Laneybon: I know, I know... getting me

I blame a surfeit of Spongebob for the sarcasm. But, that aside, I actually think it's true. Outside of getting Laney, I really can't think of anything that's happened in the past eight years that will make me as happy as seeing the last of George Bush. I'm curious out there among my liberal brethren, has anything happened in your life that will be as sweet, as satisfying, as wholesomely delicious as watching that presidency fade into darkness?