Thursday, February 18, 2016

This is Not About Kanye

Look - you hate Kanye West.  I get it.  I enjoy him as an artist but it is no stretch for me to comprehend the haterade. Dude's an asshole. I get it.

But I cannot anymore with a certain anti-Kanye meme.  Shall we stroll through a meadow of tough guys together?

Chuck Norris, we know how you feel about President Obama.  Do you have any thoughts on Kanye West?

Clint Eastwood, you've made some really excellent movies and some questionable appearances at GOP Conventions.  What do you think of Kanye West?

Are you one of those guys from that show about the motorcycle gang with a Shakespearian scope?  I think you are.  I plan on watching your show soon!  Can you tell me what you think of Kanye West?

Excuse me, I don't mean to bother you while you're protecting our freedoms, but could you take a quick break and give me your thoughts on Kanye West?



I've gathered up some of my best gal pals with some advice for men who giggle and hit "share" when they see that meme.  Gaga, what should these fellows do?

Rachel from Friends, would you like to say anything to the sharers of that meme?

Christina, do you have any final messages?

In a nutshell: when you want to insult someone by calling him a girl, you are not insulting him, you are insulting GIRLS!  You are saying that being a girl is a lame thing to be.  It's not funny.  It's not cool.  It's not badass.  It's sexist AF.

Stop doing that. 

Ron Swanson, sometimes the manly men struggle with accepting advice from ladies.  Could you brush off your mustachioed Y chromosome and give some advice to the nice man with an urge to share the "Kanye West? Never heard of her" meme?

That is all.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

For Donny Bonny

It's  Don's birthday in a couple of hours.  And I just thought I'd take to my blog to let you know that I got the best husband.  To me, he is just shy of:

Don is smart and he is funny and he is very very sweet.

Don is one of those Dads (those rare, wonderful Dads) who is raising a daughter that will pick good a man for herself.  We have a daughter that will pick a man who will love her and like her and be nice to her.  She'll pick a man who won't need her to be like this or like that so that he feels like more of a man.  She'll pick a man who's man enough to never feel a need to prove he's a man.

Or maybe she won't pick a man at all, but she'll have a dad who will love her and like her if she picks a woman or if she picks herself.

Don isn't really:

He rarely replaces the toilet paper roll and he steps out of his shoes upon entering the house and then just leaves them there. There would be a mountain of dirty socks by his side of the bed if I didn't pick them up. But those are his sins and they are not hardly grave.  

Don always has my back.  He is always on my side.   If I need a hug or need someone to tell me that I'm OK, I can ask and he'll open his arms and tell me he loves me.  And it is no small thing when someone like Don loves you.

Don knows a lot of really interesting things.  We would crush at any trivia night because our store of knowledge is divergent and crosses a lot of topics. But if Don doesn't know, he might make it up.  Don is really good at making it up and you might find believe him even though what he says strains credulity. But if you ask him it's true and it's not, he'll laugh and tell you the truth.  He's not a liar.  But he's a really good story teller.  

For me, Don is:

And I love him a whole awful lot.  I couldn't have picked a perfecter partner for this path through life.  I love his brain and his heart and his goofy smile and I can't wait to be home tomorrow to celebrate his birthday with him.

Here's to you, baby.  I think you're:

But, you know, replacing the toilet paper roll wouldn't kill you...