Thursday, January 8, 2009

Never Watch The View. NEVER!

So, I was watching a repeat of The View while I was making the bed last week and they were discussing gay marriage. The women represented about how you'd expect: Whoopi and Barbara in favor, Elizabeth representing the selectively moralistic and Sherri representing the fucking morons.

Poor Sherri, bless her heart, was just all twitterpated and conflicted about gay marriage. See, she's got these two gay friends and she even lets them around her son who refers to them as Uncles (see how forward thinking and progressive she is)! But she doesn't want her pastor to get sued if he refuses to marry some gay people. "America is litiguous, y'all!" she informs us.

Lookit: I was raised Catholic. One of the fundamental tenets of Catholic dogma is that women are not allowed into the highest positions of authority, solely because they are women. Women cannot be priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals or the pope.

Odd, that: no one has sued the Catholic church over this. Imagine if G.E. had a similar policy; America, as Sherri told is, is litigious, y'all!

Ah, but hearken back to eighth grade social studies. Remember that thing about separation of church and state. Oddly, it goes both ways. This separation is not integral to the United States Constitution as part of some nefarious founding fathery plot to keep your kids from praying in school. It's there to keep the government out of churches; it's based in religious freedom.

But, Sherri sits there on The View throws out her "some of my best friends are gay" rationale, pretends she's open-minded, and blithely privileges the unthreatened rights of a few American religious leaders over the fundamental and absent civil liberties of millions of gay Americans.

I waited for Barbara or Whoopi to point this out. They did not.

Those women make me CRAZY. I probably saw about 30 minutes of The View in 2008, and all on days off when I was making the bed. And each of those 30 minutes resulted in making me CRAZY! I must remember: Comedy Central during bed making. Comedy Central. Never, NEVER, watch The View.