Friday, January 9, 2009

Sherri Shepherd Again...

I was thinking about how I had back-to-back posts about how mean the intertoobz are vis a vis celebrity gossip and then in my next post referred to a celebrity as a "fucking moron." Am I hypocritical?

Probably, but not about that. My beef with Sherri Shepherd is substantive. I'll grant anyone a little brainfart, but she didn't know whether or not the earth was round because she was trying to make a point that science is bad and religion is good. When she failed to grasp that suing a pastor for refusing to marry a gay couple is fundamentally unconstitutional, she did so because she wanted rationale for denying marriage rights to several million Americans. She represents a certain offshoot of Christianity that is so shitty and dumb and mean, I think I'm entitled to call her a fucking moron.

To expound on this: this offshoot Christian initiative that became blindingly pervasive during the Bush years divides the world up into this or that; constructs a Manichean reality whose sole purpose is to defend its own prejudices. Either you believe in science or you believe in God. Either you believe homosexuality is OK, or you believe in God. Either you believe in a woman's right to control her own body, or you believe in God. It grants its adherents the moral highground at the same time it frees them from all the effort involved not only with critical thought, but with loving your neighbor. Not only is it moronic, it's mean.

Anyhoo, Sherri Sheperd was on 30 Rock last night. She was OK. Probably, because she stood in the reflected comedic genius that is Tracey Jordan, who I think is the funniest person on that show, and that is saying something.