Monday, March 30, 2009

An Open Letter

To Every Single Person Who's Ever Entered the Parking Garage Before Me in the Morning:

Look, it's the morning, it is safe to surmise that folks are coming TO work, not driving AWAY from work. To that end, if the spaces on the lower levels are full, drive on up to the top. It is a foolish and irksome practice to inch your way slowly up the parking lot, peering anxiously around the big cars, expecting someone to pull out. No one is leaving those spaces. They've all gone to the office. Drive to the top. There are LOTS of spaces there. And there's an elevator.

Further to this, if you are a lumberjack or serial killer or whatever profession you've landed in that requires you to drive a vehicle the size of a small village (I'm talking to you, asshole in the Escalade) you're not going to fit into that spot. Stop trying. Drive to the top. Better yet, keep your obnoxious, outsized vehicle off in the hinterlands where it belongs.

That is all.