Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Minute Clinic: A Rave

This morning I woke up and my right ear felt all stopped up. So, of course, I assumed that a bug crawled in there because that is what it's like to live in my world. As the day went on I grew more and more skeeved out by the idea. But, the question was, was I skeeved out enough to try and get a doctor's appointment?

It's not easy getting a doctor's appointment. I wonder how hypochondriacs do it.

Then I remembered that CVS has this awesome thing called a Minute Clinic. Basically, certain CVS branches have a nurse practioner on site and you can go visit him or her with your minor ailments. You got a sore throat and want to rule out strep? Want someone to take that bug out of your ear? Visit your local CVS. Either you pay a copay or $59. A visit is about 15 minutes. My nurse practioner, Jessica, was awesome.*

I think I read somewhere that this concept is part of the Obama health plan. It's one of those things that seem so obvious you wonder why no one thought of them before. I blame the insurance companies. Insurance companies, in case you didn't know, are locked in mortal combat with credit card companies as they vie for favorite minion status from their evil lord, Beezelbub. It's true. I just put it on the internet!

Anyhoo, if you have a scratchy throat or a bug in your ear (I didn't have a bug in my ear) check out the Minute Clinic.

*Jessica is one of those names. I've never met someone named Jessica I didn't like. If I have another kid (I'm not having another kid) I might seriously think of the name Jessica. Even if it's a boy.