Friday, March 20, 2009

The Danger of Perception

Last weekend I went to drop off clothes at the dry cleaners, where Hirish (the drycleaner) greeted me warmly: "You look wonderful! Did you lose weight?"

Which is always nice to hear. But, as I left, it occurred to me that people say that to me a lot. If I haven't seen a person in a few months, they usually ask me if I've lost weight. My mother asks me if I've lost weight every time I see her.

I have to concur that people remember me as a lot fatter than I am. I wonder about this patina of corpulence that rests upon my memory. Whence cometh it?

I am not particularly thin. Frequently, strangers offer congratulations on my pregnancy (which, dudes, makes me want to cut a bitch). But, I'm also not particularly fat. Figuring weight for age, I think I'm pretty average.

And yet (Hi, Dave!), people remember me as a fatty. Am I jolly? I must be jolly.