Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Becoming a Pod Person

Let me put it this way: I can get myself around a PC. I am a better-than-average PC user. For example, I almost never have to touch a mouse when I'm using a PC. If I'm being really honest, I scoff and snort when I watch people take their hands off their keyboard. Losers.

I'm always using the mouse when I'm on my Mac. Obviously, this has nothing to do with me. Macs are for losers.

Except for this stuff that Macs do really well. For example, if I put the top down on my PC laptop and then decide a few minutes later to pop it back open, I have to wait a few minutes while it rrrreessssuuuummmmeeeeessss. And then I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete. And then I have to wait for a few minutes while it stretches, rubs its eyes, scratches its balls, has a cup of coffee and then I'm able to begin talking to it (come to think of it, I might love my PC laptop so much because it reminds me of my husband).*

My Mac, on the other hand, snaps immediately and cheerfully to attention.

I've even grown to prefer Finder windows Explorer windows.

And that thing where you drag your mouse up into the corner to display all the open windows. Gorgeous!

I've been toying with doing as my colleague and fellow-nerd Roger did and putting aside the PC to serve mainly as a server and using my Mac for my day-to-day computing. I'm pretty confident in my ability to learn to navigate in the Mac OS as easily as I do in a Windows environment.

But, you guys, I don't WANT to be a Mac person. Mac people are just so proud of being Mac people, members of some exclusive club made up of people who just get it better than the rest of us Microsoft crashware lovers. And they just want to tell you about it. On and on. Liberally sprinkling their Macxhortations with supercilious guffaws.

But Macs are so so so pretty. And I love my iPhone so much. But, me and PCs, we fit so well. We know each other inside and out. I feel.... feel...

*Yes, yes.... I know I could turn off some services, cleanup my startup controls, etc. I've tried. It's still stupid slow