Friday, November 7, 2008

Four Days and Counting...

So, you know how on Fox they're always doing those silly countdowns?  They use them like dares? "Countdown until Barack Obama shows up on the Factor."  AKA: Barack Obama is a chicken.

Nonsense, right?

And I am SO not above resorting to similar silliness. 

Way back last summer I was sitting in my brother's back yard as he explained to me how there was no WAY Barack Obama was going to be president.  President McCain was imminent.*

So, thus begins the first ever MegBon Countdown; in which I count the number of days passed without my brother's acknowledgement of my rightness and his wrongness; indeed of my vastly superior political acumen.  I don't know if Nolan checks in here or not... but if you know him, let him know I'm calling him a chicken.

*Note that Nolan most certainly VOTED for Barack Obama.