Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Budget Meeting Haiku

Annually, we have budget meetings. I hate them. Think of the most boring, horrible class you had in high school. This is worse, because you have to act like an adult and can't groan and roll your eyes. Much.

I amused myself by writing haiku.

A budget meeting
Eight employees fade in and out
Arms crossed, eyes akimbo

Projector humming
Distant, the people who dialed in
Oops! My bra is showing

Bladder becomes full
Powerpoint slides become blurry
Will to live depletes

His tone monotone
Long pauses punctuating
Shit! My bra still shows

Next year, I'm going to fake a head injury or something. Stomach cramp. Bleeding from the ears. SARS. Existential dilemma. Suicidal tendency. Tourette's. I dunno. Something.