Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There's a New Sheriff in Town

The great thing about being a liberal is that even when your leadership disappoints, you can embrace that disappointingness as a salve to your ego. We expected to be disappointed.  That's what we do.  Once disappointed, we can roll our eyes, toss back a cocktail or a coffee and move on knowing that the firmament of the earth remains as expected: no one is as smart or as moral or as honest as us liberals; our leadership, therefore, (who has sullied liberality with political ambition) is bound to disappoint.

And, then along comes President Barack Obama.  Faced with an unprecendented economic crisistm, a particularly nasty little intransigent opposition party, and an all around scary fucking global situation for anyone who's turned on a TV or read a blog in the past couple of months, and he continues to remind us of why we were so passionate about getting him elected in the first place.

Watch as he remind us that while his efforts to reach out to Republicans were made in good faith, he's no dummy and will not hesitate to point out how petty, small and out-of-touch the opposition party is, especially if they're going to make it this fucking easy.  Poor John McCain.  It seems like he almost doesn't want to be asking this... like he knows it won't go well...

Now watch as his surrogate in New York politely tells grandstanding governors to go fuck themselves.  Can't wait to see Bobby Jindal's next appearance on MTP.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT your mama's democratic leadership.  And, I gotta tell you, I like badass democrats. A lot.