Monday, February 23, 2009

And... I'm Out

I hit this blog from time to time by this guy who's a really good writer.  He's funny and smart and tells some pretty amazing stories about grappling with his demons.

He has shown glimmers of the "Hey, my wife is independent and I'm crazy about my daughter, and have never had any problem working for women, so there's no way I'm a sexist" brand of sexism, which is kind of a drag. 

But, whatevs.  The guy is funny and he is smart and he does make for a really prescient media critic.

But then today this lovely little nugget shows up:

Jayne: "Beyonce's such a lightweight. She's so desperate to be taken seriously." Chez: "(Groans) Where's Chris Brown when you need him?" 

And, that's it: I'm out. 

Deleted bookmark.  

Moved on.

I mean, not so moved on that I'm not writing it down... but moved on nevertheless.  And, so, to Chez of Deus Ex Malcontent, I can only say: Smell ya later, dude.