Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maybe I Should Just Stop Listening to the Commericials in the Morning...

Is it just me, or is the overprotective Dad showing up an awful lot in cell phone ads?

This particularly irksome trope stems from the most pernicious bit of sexism of all: men cannot control themselves sexually, therefore, women are responsible for not only their own sexual behavior but also the sexual behavior of the men around them. And if we change those nouns to "girls" and "boys", then it becomes Daddy's job. And, in short: ew. Or, if I may rephrase: gross.

And, let's face it, frankly unfair. I know plenty of people raising boys. And I know that they teach those boys to treat all the people in their lives respectfully. Even if it's a cute girl. Even if it's a cute girl in a belly shirt. In other words, all men are not pigs. And if you are a pig, don't blame your penis or that Y chromosome. Just, you know, stop being a pig.