Friday, February 20, 2009

I Ain't Really Caring If You Say It's So or Not, A Rod

I'm sitting here at my computer doing a little work work, waiting for things to download and upload and, as is my wont when I'm waaaaiiiittttiiiinnnnnggggg for the slow slow intertubes, I like to have a little Keith Olbermann on in the background. For like the 50 kabillionth night in a row, Keith is really upset about A-Rod.  Really really upset.

Meh.  As much as I enjoy a little Olbermann-esque outrage, I can't work up even the teensiest little care.

I confess the 2003 Cubs broke me and I lost my big passion for baseball. But, that said, it irks me when people get all judgey about steroids and baseball. How many homeruns would Babe Ruth have hit if he'd been juicing, they ask. How many homeruns would Babe Ruth have hit if he'd played against black people, I might ask. And, let's be honest, to what heights would those golden age baseball stats have soared if there'd been juice around to be had?  

That last was a Donbon point... and an excellent one, I might add.  And since I'm stealing the points of my husband the smarty, I'd like to mention another thing he said: when he was having leg issues, his doctor prescribed steroids. And they made him feel better. They made his leg hurt less.  But, he could take all the steroids in the world and still not expect a call from the show. 

Steroids take exceptional athletes and make them more exceptional.  But let's not forget that they begin exceptional.  And teenage.  And we throw piles of money at them.  And then we get shocked SHOCKED when they turn out to be opportunistic adults.  

It seems to me that if we're going to be sensible, reasonable adult fans it might behoove us to remember that baseball is a game and not some lofty, bullshitty George Willesque metaphor for the moral health of the country.

A Rod's juicing isn't going to affect my day at the ballpark, one way or the other. Then again, I really hate the Yankees.