Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Feminist Musings

I heard a commercial this morning on WXRT in which the announcer brags on how safe their car model is and then bemoans that safety isn't likely to "get you the girl of your dreams."

Ah, that old pernicious sexist stereotype. Girls are shallow and materialistic and if you want a pretty one, dangle something pretty and pretty expensive in front of her. Hell, one pretty thing for another, right? Seems fair. Sigh.

This is such a tired old chestnut and one that I really don't get. Then again, I may be particularly un-car-y. I think my car is cute, but mostly I like it because I can sit up high without being in a big old douchey SUV and I can park that fucker anywhere. The fact that it's scratched on one side and is missing a hubcap doesn't really phase me.

Anyhoo, I can extrapolate and will. In the interest of gender detente, allow me to demystify: getting a nice car will not make pretty girls like you, it will make pretty girls like your car.