Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voting Day

Since we got Laney, and even before, DonBon and I have made voting an event. Don, who will have worked late the night before, will get up with me and Laney. Around 7:00ish we'll walk over to the polling place and vote. Afterwards, Don drives Laney to school and me to work and we eat donuts in the car on the way.

Don and I are no spring chickens, but I think we both still get geeked up for voting. It's always surprised me that there are people for whom voting is an obligation. Nothing makes me love my country more, feel more patriotic, then going into a voting booth and casting my vote. Plus: donuts!

My Laney is going to feel good about voting. We're making it something fun.

All that said, I wish we'd done more. We didn't phone bank or knock on doors (go, Janine!). I never even got around to sending my damn postcards. I gave money, and worked to encourage people I know who were on the fence. But I should have done more. If McCain pulls this out I'll feel enormous responsibility.

And Rachel Maddow is on my TV, showing how it's done - showing how you can still hold the feet of the candidate you support to the fire (with Barack showing how you politic with your feet to the fire). And she thinks this thing is far from wrapped up. She's brilliant. God, I hope she's wrong on this one, though.