Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bradley Effect

There will be no Bradley Effect present in the general election, just as there was no Bradley Effect present in the primaries (don't start on that whole New Hampshire thing - Obama's real numbers were less than 1% off his poll numbers).

This isn't because we've moved beyond race (although I think the kids are getting close). There are a fuckload of racists left around.

This is because any redneck racist asshole with six or seven more brain cells rattling around than this guy doesn't talk about Obama "the black guy." He talks about the "insufficiently American" guy. Traditional media, with breath-taking condescension, have enabled an entirely illegitimate concern about Obama's "American-ness" to serve as a beard for racism.

Which is actually good news: it means that Obama's 52% is a real 52%.

I am optimistic. I am cautiously optimistic (which is the nature of the Cubs fan). But barring something really crazy, I'm seeing an Obama landslide.