Friday, October 10, 2008

Blair Underwood

I'm watching a TiVO-ed episode of Dirty Sexy Money (which is just a bucketful of fun) and am wondering: if you're a TV producer do you have Blair Underwood on speed-dial for the black guy who hooks up with the white actress?

It just seems like every time I see him on TV he's the love interest for a white woman (Sex and the City, Old Christine, Dirty Sexy Money...)

This blogpost feels a little distasteful. But I do think it's a serious question. The problem is probably that there just aren't enough hot black women on the TV. I'd probably notice Blair Underwood as the go-to black actor if there were, you know, one or two go-to black actresses.

I know there are a few people I know who read this blog... I hope someone comments on this, because I'm really curious if it's just me.