Monday, October 27, 2008

Rachel Maddow

Air America Radio was launched in 2004. I was on board from the get go. I tuned into Al Franken every day at lunch time and left it going through the next show, the Randi Rhodes show. At first I liked her, and then I got annoyed. Despite my own propensity in that direction, yelling over people is annoying.

Then I started tuning in earlier and listening to the show with Chuck D, Lizz Winstead and this woman I'd never heard of named Rachel Maddow. Here was a pundit who was passionate without being strident. She relied on one weapon: knowing more than the other guy.

And here she is now, kicking ass and taking names. This is (good lord willing and the creek don't rise) a good time to be a democrat. And I think the emergence of Rachel Maddow has something to do with that. You can't win the wingnut game, so don't play it. Make it a new game where the winning gambit is to be informed. Thus you always face the wingnut. Like this: