Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Greatest Music Video Ever

I am an unashamed fan of Hall and Oates. Sure, there were some stinkers in there (Private Eyes, Maneater). But I challenge you to NOT turn up the radio and sing when Sara Smiles or Rich Girl comes on the radio. Darryl Hall, bless him, had him some white boy soul.

I love the song She's Gone. Love it. But the video? The video is quite simply the greatest music video ever. A Ha can take on my ASS!! Kanye start complaining now because nothing you do will ever be this great.

I'm not sure what I love the most - is it Darryl Hall's shoes? Is it the devil who reminds me of nothing more than Jon Lovitz? Is it the jacket John Oates puts on prior to the guitar solo? Or is it the happy confluence of all these bizarre elements? I don't know. Just... I just love it. Behold: