Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bullshit 80s Nostalgia

Yesterday, I had Hall & Oates on the brain. Who knows why? But it got me thinking about the 80s nostalgia. So much in the 80s was corny (lots of corny things are, of course, cool things + time). But H&O were skillfully corny - there were some good pop songs going on behind the giant hair.

On the other hand, there's Huey Lewis. Huey Lewis is the epitome of 80s nostalgia simply for the sake of 80s nostalgia. He was never any good. His songs were boring and stupid. And yet, he will NOT GO AWAY (Huey Lewis is making me ALL CAPS). Last night, post debate, I watched Chuck on the DVR. It was just lousy with Huey Lewis.

Here in these aughties, this time, this present, there is no reason to exhume the stinking corpse of Huey Lewis and the News. I was there the first time and, as God is my witness, I will NOT go back. What's fucking next? Starship?

I was going to go with a little H&O to wash the festering taste of Huey Lewis out of my mouth. But I think more drastic measures are required: