Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts on Star Trek and Marriage

So, I was hanging out in the basement, working out (stupid fucking aging... everything makes you fat... ) and doing laundry (stupid fucking never ending pile of laundry... stupid slow ass dryer takes an hour and a half to dry a load...) and I had an old episode of Star Trek: TNG on in the background to mitigate the suckitude of working out and doing laundry (it may have fallen somewhat short).

On this episode, called The Price, Troi finds herself seduced by this entirely creepy one quarter Betazoid negotiator. I don't think he was supposed to be creepy, he was just a terrible actor. Anyhoo, at the end of the episode he goes to Troi's quarters and says (paraphrased) "I once asked you to come away with me. I'm asking again. You make me a better man. Come away with me and be my conscience."

And I thought: wow, what an offer! Come live with me and whenever I want to do anything fun, you can say "Honey, do you think that's wise?" Isn't that just the life every red-blooded gal dreams of?

I wonder if I thought the same thing when I saw that episode for the first time. I would have been 20 or so. Maybe a little older. And, as I recall, I was prone to schmoopy dudes who confused being pitiful with being tragically appealling, a la Byron. So, I probably would have fallen for the old "save my life" line.

Kids, don't get married until you're 30. 30 is a benchmark for emotionally stable, fully developed and entirely disabused of romantic tomfoolery about changing people.
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