Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oy This Day

So, we're quarantined at Casa de Bon. Laney has some flu strain. The H1 part has been confirmed (H1 is the influenza A part. See you learn things here at the Well!), but the strain has not. Could be N1. Of course, it doesn't really matter if it's the pig flu or not. All flu's get treated the same way: fluids, rest, and stay the hell away from other people.

Don and I decided to spend our quarantine fruitfully and commenced an aggressive spring clean. I am proud to say we accomplished a lot toxin-free. We did the windows the old fashioned way (newspapers and white vinegar) and if they're a little streakier than we might have wanted, at least they're dirt and germ free. Baking soda really does work a treat in the bathroom.

Before you know it, Don and I will be wearing hemp sandals and headbands.

No, we won't.

Of course, the really hard part about spring cleaning today was keeping Laney occupied while we did it. We try really hard to keep her from TV, but that was ALL she wanted to do. At around 3:00 we completely caved because we both know that no matter how old you are, when you feel like shit, all you want to do is puddle down in front of the tube.

We finished today's share of the clean and fed Laney some plain spaghetti noodles. She was deep in a medicated sleep by around 7:30. A little later, Don and I were eating, having some wine, and discussing the utter moral bankruptcy of the modern republican party (you know, the usual) when I heard Laney cough. I said to Don, "I bet we're cleaning up some barf soon." A few seconds later the following sounds comes from upstairs:


I cleaned up the floor and the child using environmentally safe methods (this time I used the tried and true environmental method of just not doing a particularly good job) and then the whole Bon family spent the next hour and a half snuggled up on the couch watching The Sponge Bob Movie.

And, really, truth be told, I've had worse nights.