Monday, November 3, 2014

(Daylight Savings) Time Keeps on Ticking...

As all (both?) my readers know, I am an avowed hater of Daylight Savings Time, which I call Devil's Time because its sum purpose can be expressed as "steal an hour from the morning and give it to the night because reasons."

But my secret shame is that as much as I hate Daylight Savings Time when it kicks off in the spring (and I do hate it, friends, with the power of 10,000 suns), I really love the crisp fall day when it ends.  That extra hour is luxurious, right?  That Sunday when you look at the clock you neglected to change and you think, "Shit, it's 4:00 already" and then realize that no, it's only 3:00 - that's like my Christmas.  It's Megbon Christmas where the only gift is an extra hour.

I always suffer for time; I'm always late, always wishing I'd had time to do something else - play a little piano, finish that book, make dollhouse furniture (I really wish I knew how to make dollhouse furniture just like Lester Freamon- can someone teach me?).  I was going to say suffering for time is the price I pay for being a parent, but, God, is there anything on earth more obnoxious than a parent complaining about how they don't have time for stuff?  If I didn't have kids, I'd throw a pie in the face of any parent complaining about their busy-ness vis a vis a temporally- indulgent childlessness.

The phrase "I don't have time for..." is rarely if ever uttered without judgment.  In general, and with some obvious exceptions, we have time for what we decide we want to spend our time on all and it's pretty uncool to get all finger pointy with folks who've made different choices.*

Anyhoo, I had planned to spend Megbon Christmas by luxuriating in that extra hour. Only some motherfucker hit my parked car somewhere in the wee earlies of Megbon Christmas and straight up ruined my luxurious extra hour Sunday.

But I am committed to my celebration. I was bound to luxuriate in that extra hour so I took a skip day today, let Laney play hooky and artfully neglected to change the clock in my car and this is what we did:

- Slept late
- Went to the Art Institute
- Went to Target
- Looked at the clock in my car and thought it was 1:45 and then realized it was only 12:45. Yay!
- Went home
- Ate some Halloween candy and read for a while
- Took a nap
- Worked out
- Had dinner
- Wrote this blog post
- Caught up on The Affair (ooooh, you guys, that show is SO GOOD!)

I accomplished nothing.  It was great.

* Unless you're one of those #gamergate people.  Those people are spending their time foolishly.  Feel free to judge them.