Monday, May 19, 2014

Reflections on the Novel

This morning, I was driving to work and thinking of Patrick Rothfuss and all the great storytellers in the world and thinking of the stories I want to tell.  Which led me to thoughts of my maligned, neglected, abandoned novel.

And I decided to publish it.


A couple of chapters a week.

This intermittently updated blog is, of course, my real writing baby.  It's been such good company for me.  And while it's true that when I began it, I'd hoped to become Wonkette or Tom and Lorenzo or some such thing.  But then I divorced it from bloggy ambition and let it just became a place to dump my thoughts.  And it's nice to have a place to dump my thoughts.

This novel, The March, I did have ambition for it.  But it's been such a long process.  And it's time to end it and set the damn thing free. But before I end it, a quick note about the beginning of it: the book is 63 chapters long.  I've spent more time on Chapter 1 than all the other chapters combined.  Maybe twice as much.  I've never figured out how to start it well.  It's hard to start a story.

I just spent about two hours here murdering, with extreme prejudice, all my chapter one darlings.  And now I'm sending it out into the world.  I'll post a chapter every Monday and Thursday.  I'll keep a post for a TOC and link to next chapters as it's published.  I'm joining my wordy babies.  Read it, share it, it's not terrible. Maybe.  I don't even know anymore.

But it's time to put it out there.  And I'm putting it out with this.