Tuesday, July 17, 2012


There was this article flying around the internet recently about the benefits of idleness.  Did you see it?  You're on Facebook - you saw it.  I confess that when I saw the title, I thought, "Fantastic.  Now not only will I constantly be dealing with shit I have to do, I'm supposed to feel guilty about feeling like I have to do shit I have to do."  To be fair, this isn't really what the article was about.  But, you'll forgive me for the wrong assumption because the internet is just chock-a-block with articles about how you're doing everything all wrong. Especially those of us in the working mom camp.

Anyway, I did read it.  And I didn't love it. He lost me a bit when he got to the paragraph lauding the woman who was totally relaxed since she got an artist's residency in France.  I'd be pretty relaxed if I had an artist's residence in France.

(I tend also to generally disregard anything in which someone leaves America, goes to France and figures it all out.  It's been a cliche since Gertrude Fucking Stein.)

But then he goes on and talks about the whole thing where you feel like you HAVE to being doing something all the time. I'm a person who reaches for her phone to check email when I'm stopped at a red light. If someone gets on an elevator with me and pushes a floor before mine I think they're really rude for wasting my time like that (fortunately, I have a phone that I can check during that 5 sec interval). I once made a home-from-school daily schedule where tasks were delineated within 5 minute increments.  

That's not cool.

This evening, Laney is at a friend's.  I'm going to pour a glass of wine and read a Carl Hiassen novel or re-watch last night's Bunheads.  You should be idle with me and start watching Bunheads.  It's Gilmore Girls with ballet.  Last night American treasure Kelly Bishop narrated a ballet she'd choreographed called "Paper or Plastic."  The grocery store cashier was cast as the devil.  Nature died.  Seriously - that show is so great.