Friday, February 26, 2010

Rush, Racism and the Really Toxic Stuff

Another day, another glaring example of the shameless racism of Rush Limbaugh. I had a whole blogpost in mind when I read this. I was going to write about how Rush and the other glorious leaders of the right have these narrow definitions of how black people are supposed to behave and they are happy to point out where black people disappoint and when you object to their arrogance and privilege then it's YOU who's race baiting. There are, not for nothing, similar rules for women. I was going to bloviate a bit on how it doesn't seem like there's a single elected Republican official out there with the stones to call Rush out on it (the dems my have earned their reputation as pussies, but at least they don't bow done before the alter of someone as vile as Rush Limbaugh).

But then today I was driving home from work and listening to EJ Dionne and David Brooks talking about Health Care Summit 2010! The Musical! At the end of their discussion, the moderator asks David Brooks to sort of sum up his thoughts and he says that he thinks it's going to end up well for the Republicans since blah blah blah they'll probably take the house back in 2012. And it hit me that Rush's retarded racism isn't what really matters. The only people who take his race baiting nonsense seriously are other racist retards and they'd rally around a dirty sock if it validated their own racism. So, who cares?

What's really the problem is that the "serious" journalists out there are only interested in the horse race. David Brooks feels no compunction to talk about the policy proposals, the truths and lies of the opposing sides. He takes no responsibility to weigh in honestly on what's been said. To him, ALL that matters is who wins.

And so here we are, Us vs, Them. Which leaves Representative Tanny Boehner and Senator McConnell free to spew their lies about nuclear options and tyranny and socialism because to David Brooks, et al, "Hey! Who are We to Argue with a Winning Strategy."

There's stuff to complain about with Barack Obama. But, sheesh, at least he's got the smarts to swat down their nonsense since we can't expect a pundit to.

By the way, guess who's going to be on Meet the Press on Sunday? All by himself? For the whole show? President John McCain!