Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Advice to the Well-Intentioned Dude

So, via a couple of feminist websites, I learned of this article in Cosmo by Ryan Hansen (formerly Dick Casablancas of the late lamented Veronica Mars) called 10 Things Guys Wished We Knew.

At number 2, Ryan tells us that we're already beautiful and don't need all that makeup.

I'm gonna let you in on a secret, Ryan: girls with no makeup who look so pretty do so because they've applied their makeup really well. Makeup is something we ladies know more about than the fellas.; e.g., everyone looks better with a little mascara. Best to leave this kind of thing up to the experts.

Of course, the whole "you look better without makeup" thing is number two in the pantheon of "Stuff Guys Think Will Endear Them To Women, But Instead Come Off as Condescending and a Little Gross."

Number one is, of course, "I like a woman with a little meat on her bones."

Please don't refer to my body as meat. Because: yuck.

But, more importantly, you are not befriending the sisterhood by telling us how fat we can get and how much makeup we don't need to wear. In short, it's not all about you, dude. Understand?