Thursday, April 23, 2009

Name Calling

... It has been pointed out to me that name calling is not effective. That's mostly true (I maintain it IS helpful when the dude in the Escalade parks over two spaces to avoid scratches on his car because he IS a douchebag and that must be noted). So, in the interest of avoiding any more name calling, I'll leave it with this open question:

Is it fair to force people who don't share your faith or, for that matter, your moral code to adhere to it?

The thing about our democracy is that it has two functions: to enforce the will of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority.

I maintain, and will continue to do so, that as long as the government is in the business of bestowing legal status on couples by way of marriage, and as long as this legal status is denied to the millions of gay Americans representing the minority, the government has failed in its second function. And while that second function is the hard one, it's also the part that's made this American experiment with democracy so great.

With that I'll consider my position stated and may stop harping. May. I sort of doubt it. But, shoot, anything is possible.