Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blood and TIme

So, I haven't given blood in months and feel really guilty about it. Do you guys give blood? If you you don't suffer from blood or needle phobias, it's absolutely the easiest way out there to feel virtuous. Basically, you get to lie down and read a magazine for 10 or so minutes and no one will interrupt you. And then when it's over, they give you juice and cookies!

So, I had every intention today of walking over to the State of Illinois Building (or whatever it's called these days) to do a lunchtime donation. But, then it occurred to me that my period is impending* and that + my vegetarianism = not enough iron in the blood for donation.

All of which leads me to the following question/quandary: when did I lose all my time? It feels like the days just rush past me in a frenzy of activity, stuff to plan and prepare for, stuff to do, stuff to clean up after. And I can't seem to make the time for the things I want to do... like read poetry and give blood.

I suspect that won't end until Laney is all done growed up.

When I was visiting my mother last week I was struck by the amount of leisure time she and her fellow have. Their house always looks so nice, the garden is tended and ready to burst, the books they read and TV shows they watch! Retirement sounds so nice, doesn't it?

Too bad none of us will be able to afford it.

* If any dudes out there got skeeved out by my mention of my period, get over it. You Penis-Americans have been hocking up loogies on sidewalks and farting with impunity for my entire life. You are so much grosser than us. You don't get to go all prissy when we talk about our biological functions.