Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Postcard Campaign (slightly more than 100 words...)

OK - this blogpost is specifically for the equally-politically obsessed Fidalgos. I start my postcard campaign tonight (sending postcards to voters in Ohio). Here's what I plan to write - what do you think:

Dear Voter,
I wanted to write down a few of the reasons why I'm voting for Barack Obama. I hope you'll forgive my awful handwriting.
I am voting for Barack Obama because I think we need a leader who:
• Understands economics in his own right, not someone who will rely on the likes of Phil Graham for economic advice.
• Will always treat war as a last result not as a preferable alternative to aggressive diplomacy
• Wants to make health care available to everyone, not someone who will tax me on my employer-provided health care benefits
• Who findamentally believes that we as Americans have more in common than what divides us
I hope you'll consider voting for Barack Obama for the next president of the United States.