Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Laney takes Mandarin Chinese in Wilmette, Illinois. When I drive to pick her up it's like entering a foreign land filled with rich people who either have or have hired people with unimpeachable taste. I love driving through that suburb and looking at all the pretty pretty houses. But still and all, I don't think I'd much like to live there.

That's a lie - I totally would: this world of tended lawns and attractive people with their children who all have perfect teeth. I wonder what it would be like to live amongst all those affluent white people. It's probably easier. But not really good for the world, is it? I think my urban life, with its shared spaces and walking is better for the world.

But, golly, those houses in Wilmette sure are pretty.

Of course, if I get my daughter all fluent in Chinese, she'll be able to make bank in the future when America becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese. And then maybe she'll buy me a pretty pretty house in Wilmette. And a giant car. And perfect teeth.

Editing to add this picture of Laney again, so anyone reading this blog can see how far from Wilmette we are:

That's right - we dress Laney in paper bags. She makes them look good though.