Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lunchtime Posting - New Blog Rules

I never read long blog posts. I have an internetty attention span. So, I'm implementing a new blog rule as of today: no blog posts over 100 words. starting..... now!

My friend, Eric, IM-ed me this morning with his knickers all in a twist over Obama's FISA legislation vote. He says because of it, he'll at best vote begrudgingly for Obama. Oy to the veh, I say: if you're looking for someone who won't make votes that you disagree with, who won't bow to political expediency more often than not, who won't profoundly disappoint you from time to time, I hope you enjoy President McCain's Grand Iranian Adventure.

I remember this dance when it happened in 2000 and I'm not going again.

I sent Obama another $25 today.