Monday, February 16, 2015

Here's To Confidence

Let's have a toast for the douchebags
Let's have  toast for the assholes
Let's have a toast for the scumbags
Everyone of them that I know

There's a game show on TBS called King of the Nerds that we watch en famille.  I love it.  It features  real nerds nerdily committed to various nerdy things.  I thought I'd be fully on Team Colby because he's from Chicago and is (was?) a public school teacher and I watched him on Jeopardy and he seems like a really good guy.  But instead, I find myself firmly on Team Caitlyn (I'm not sure if I'm spelling her name right or if she lost on Friday, because I haven't watched yet and I don't want to be spoiled). I love her because she is supremely confident.  She's all "I am smarter than everyone else here." This is Caitlyn:

(Every season there's at least one contestant that ascribes to Bronyism.)

Yesterday I was at 7/11 waiting in line to pay for my Diet Dr. Pepper, standing perfectly still.  A guy ran into me.  I apologized.  I apologized to him.  He graciously accepted.

Because I am a person who craves approval, I really admire people who don't.  I would love to be like Caitlyn.

Because I am a person who craves approval, I feel an affinity and a sympathy for people who crave approval.  I also like rap music a lot.

This is why I love Kanye West.  It's not just that he's good (and I am far from alone in my opinion that he is brilliant), it's that I feel like he's the kind of guy who squelches the urge to apologize when someone else runs into him by asserting that he's a much better shopper.  And he believes he is a much better shopper at the same time that he wants to apologize. He is such an interesting dude.

And no one is more aware of Kanye's bullshit than Kanye:

Man I promise, I'm so self conscious
That's why you always see me with at least one of my watches
Rollies and Pasha's done drove me crazy
I can't even pronounce nothing, pass that versace!
Then I spent $400 bucks on this
Just to be like n***a you aint' up on this!
And I can't even go to the grocery store
Without some ones thats clean and a shirt with a team
It seems we living the American dream
But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem
The prettiest people do the ugliest things
For the road to riches and diamond rings

I just love him with one caveat: I really wish he'd stop rushing in to defend Beyonce.  Kanye, she is a grown-ass woman more than capable of taking care of herself.  You have GOT to stop doing that. But don't stop that if it means you're going to get boring, OK?

Here he is rapping through a wired jaw.

I  just love him.