Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Have Lunch - Part Bleepity-Bloop

I ended up on the elevator with a cute young couple who work together in the office down the way and who are also clearly sniffing around, wondering if that whole "don't date coworkers" thing is really more of a rule or a guideline (FYI: it's a guideline, hinging entirely on the coworkers in question).

He: What're you going to order?
She: I dunno - what's good?
He: They have really good salads.
She: Hmmm. I had a salad last night, which is really out of character for me.
He: It is?
She: Well, I gave up fried foods for Lent, and that's normally a dinnertime staple for me [charmingly self-deprecating chuckle]

(At this point, my eyes rolled so hard that I worried it was audible.  And then I felt guilty for rolling  my eyes because what skin is it off my nose if she uses the convenient bookends of Lent as an opportunity for short-term dietary improvements or even if she wants to use a craving for french fries as a call to Think of God?   It is no skin off my nose.  To each her saturated fat free own.)

He: Are you doing the whole no meat on Friday thing too?
She: (scoffing) no
He: Yeah, that part is just silly

Look, as a former Catholic and a current vegetarian, if you're not eating fish sticks and tater tots on Fridays during Lent, you are letting a real opportunity slip away.

Mmmmm….. tots!
I was going to tell them that, but then the doors opened and off they went to have a meaty lunch, free of   unhealthy fats and full of longing looks.

Tastes like dog lips!