Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's Been a While - Let's Have Lunch

I headed out at lunch today in order to pick up emergency winter supplies (bourbon and hand lotion). During my walk over to Binny's as I gingerly picked through puddles of dirty melted snow, and in between berating myself for making the rookie mistake of heading out without a hat, I reminded myself that I love Chicago and fantasized about a way to make these winters a pleasant, nest-y time.

Namely: Live downtown.  Live within a block of a Trader Joe's and a Binny's.  Live within a block of a good public elementary school.  Work exclusively from home.  Have a whole bunch of money.

Because I do none of these things, I'm pretty sure I'm doing City Living wrong.  On the plus side, so are the bajilinionty million other people who shared my miserable commute (or even worse: the Sartrean nightmare that was the Kennedy today).

(This is what we all looked like)
So at least I am in good company.

And spring is coming.