Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Perptual, Sustained Confusion

I haven't blogged in a long time. Instead I've been watching a lot of TV. I've given the old college try to maintaining some level of productivity- I've been sorta kinda on top of laundry, done the dishes every day, kept reasonably ahead of my work responsibilities, Laney is still in one piece. But around 8:00ish, when the house is quiet, I've been doing that same thing: popping a Norco and passing out on the couch while watching Roseanne reruns. Tons of them. TV Land has been on a nonstop Roseanne loop since I was in the hospital. There's something soothing about those old Roseanne episodes.

This odd, latter day passion for Roseanne, however, is not whence comes my titular sustained confusion. This is:

This is the ad for Cialis that runs almost nonstop on TV Land. And I. Don't. Get. It. What is the point? What are they getting it? Is there some obscure connection between bathtubs and erections? Is there something inherently erotic about bathing next to your sex partner? In an entirely different bathtub? On the beach?

I do not protest befuddlement for purposes of bloggy amusement. I am actively perplexed by the point of the side-by-side bathtubs as marketing fodder for hard-on drugs.

I tell you what it it reminds me of: some leotarded Trekkian notion of exotic sex on the pleasure planet of Risa. Like Riker and some sexy blue lady with a weird nose-to-ear piercing are in side-by-side tubs on Risa (or Geordi and the same chick on the Holodeck.... poor Geordi).

In the real world, it's just more marketing bullshit isn't it? I'm convinced there are graduate level marketing classes out there called "How To Convince the Decision Makers that your Weird and Pointless Images are Effective."