Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Hospital BlogPost

In summary - pancreatitis gone, gallbladder coming out at some point today and tomorrow I go home after they give me some breakfast. Breakfast. Pancakes. Excuse me while I clean the drool up off the keyboard.

Onto more exciting topics: TV grew boring, there's only so much facebooking a gal can do in one day, and the awesome book Jessica sent me proved too mentally taxing for my starved, drug-addled brain. So, I downloaded the Kindle for iPhone app and got one of the Charlaine Harris southern vampire books. These books are what my family would have deemed "good trash." God, the heights of literary snobbery we Rhems can reach too!

But I come to blog neither on Charlaine Harris nor my own snobby literary traditions. Instead, just wanted to offer the following opinion:

I love this app! Love reading books on my iPhone. Within seconds, it became a perfectly natural way to read. I can curl up on the bed or in a chair and read on the iPhone way more easily than I could with a bulky novel.

I think that electronic and print books will exist side by side for a while. Mostly because bookstores are such wonderful places. That said, I bet this rigid insistence that paper is THE ONLY way to read a book will eventually fall by the wayside.

Go on, give it a try. Reading, after all, isn't about the physical trappings of the device on which the words are conveyed. And, isn't it nice to think that no trees had to die to bring you the novel you're enjoying?