Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feminist Fairy Tales

Laneybon LOVES to hear stories. She begs for one every night. It pains me, though, to reinforce the notion that the best things a girl can be are, in this order:
  • pretty
  • sweet
  • married.
So, I edit the stories a little. Sometimes there are mild edits: Cinderella and the Prince, for example, date for a year before they get married. Some stories you just can't do much with: the only action in Sleeping Beauty is a pretty girl falling asleep. I have a couple, though, that I've honed and perfected through multiple tellings and retellings. My Snow White is a political cautionary tale for the privileged set (yeah... I'm talking to you Cindy Fucking McCain). My Rapunzel is a bookish musician who captures the heart of her man by penning "Help!"

I think I may put these down for posterity. But I'm a little afraid of the humorless feminist label. Of course, that particular label is just one of the many nefarious mechanisms of the man for keeping us down. Fuck it... maybe I'll start writing the stories down right here for my legions of adoring fans. Be a nice way to track their evolution.