Sunday, September 21, 2014

The March: The Story so Far, Chapters 23-30

The March., Story so Far - Chapters 1- 22

When we last left the "story so far" Brooke and Teddy had begun an extremely inadvisable cohabitation.  Tre and Rosie had begun a super sexy love affair and found that they were just the kind of people to rule the school in the Chicago club scene.   Mary was carrying on her in her plans for a career in the states attorney's office.  Fred was gambling and meandering.  Bulstrode was looking to become a noble King of Chicago.

In chapters 23-30, Fred's gambling spiraled completely out of control and he was visited and threatened by his bookie during a morning visit to the March.  Mary ended up paying off a $5000 gambling debt, thereby committing a crime and endangering her future. She's pretty pissed at Fred.  Tre is burning the candle at both ends, and overextending himself financially.  Rosie's having the time of her life.  Brooke is still living with Teddy but the shine may be starting to come off that apple. She's also passed a pleasant afternoon with Will.

Meanwhile, back in the executive offices of The Lightweight Group, a squirrelly figure from Bulstrode's past has emerged and is threatening to come clean with the real story of how Bulstrode financed his business.  It seems that he owes his success less to diligence and savvy than he does to a timely affair with Teddy's aunt Ellinore (Will's grandmother).  On her deathbed, Ellinore tasked her lover, Bulstrode, with finding her wayward daughter (Will's mother) and making her the beneficiary of a certain rather substantial sum of money.  That money never made it to its intended recipient and Bulstrode shortly thereafter had the scratch to start buying up a bunch of other properties.