Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Brief Drama of the Universal Human Experience that is John Stamos

The scene: Trader Joe's

The players:
Me - white female, mid-40s
Checker 1 - white male, early 20s
Checker 2 - white male, early 30s
Bagger 1 -  African male, late 20s
Bagger 2 - Intellectually disabled male, mid 20s

Companionable silence as Checker 1 scans my groceries.  Hues Corportions "Don't Rock the Boat" plays on the loudspeaker.

Bagger 1 approaches and begins bagging my groceries.  He sings along cheerfully

Bagger 1: Our love is like a ship on the waaaateerrr...
Me: Look at you singing along to this 40 year old song!
Bagger 1: You see, my parents loved this kind of American music and it was always on in our house

Bagger 2 joins and begins assisting the bagging

Bagger 2: The old music I like is The Beach Boys
Me: They're good
Bagger 1: My parents liked them as well
Checker 1: My parents did too

I'm feeling a little less old at this point since The Beach Boys are more my parents generation than mine.

Bagger 2: My favorite song of theirs is "Kokomo"

Instantly I feel old again

Checker 1 (sings): ... you take it fast and you take it slow... that's where I want to go...
Bagger 2: John Stamos from the television show "Full House" played drums for the Beach Boys
Me: I knew that!  I had a big crush on John Stamos when I was in high school.
Checker 2: Me too!

I appreciate the symmetry, although I know our crushes were formed 15 years apart. 

Checker 1: That guy doesn't look as old as he is
Me: I know.  If there is a god, he's probably a man
Checker 2: God probably IS John Stamos

The Entire Cast chuckles.

And thus, across age, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and gender, five strangers share the universal human experience as manifested by the ageless handsome semi-talented drummer we know as John Stamos.  It was a moment.