Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quick Lunch?

There's an elevator out of service in my building, which means long waits for one and crowded rides once you're on one.

"But, Meg," you might be saying, "You lazy bitch!  Why not just take the stairs?"

Well, there's no reason to call me names!  But I'll answer anyway - there's no entrance to the stairwell on the main floor.  Also, I'm a lazy bitch.

Get it? Get it?  It's a play on the word "bitch"
The car was full.  I'm pretty sure the guy standing next to me was only riding up because of my last FB status since he was likely more Drakkar Noir than human flesh.

Stinky got out on the second floor.

Couple of others emerged on the fourth.

It was just me and a couple of dudes, who picked up their conversation when it was just the three of us left.

First Guy: So it was a pretty good dinner.  Pleasant, good conversation. But at the end, I said, "Let's talk about the elephant in the room."

Second guy: But she didn't know there was an elephant in the room."

And I was all:


Fine - I'll get off the goddamn elevator then.

And now I'll never know what the elephant was in that room.

But I hope it wasn't wearing too much perfume.