Monday, February 24, 2014

Stop! You're Liking Things Wrong!

That title sounds like something Troy would say to Britta on Community, doesn't it?  I love Community.  Do you guys think the show will hold up without Troy? Do you care?  Do you watch that show?  Chances are you do not.  Not many people do.

I just love it (as I have mentioned before).  I love it because it's silly and weird and then has moments that are just lovely.  Like this:

This sounds simplistic to the verge of tautological.  But it's not. He's rejecting the virtue of not liking things, of being too smart or too cool for things, in favor of the joy that comes from embracing things.

Sometime around 1991 or so, my good friend Maura introduced me to Star Trek: TNG at which point I made rollicksome fun of her because I was a good Gen X-er and everything that was not rarefied was dumb.  But about 20 minutes into it, I got sucked in and have, ever since then, let myself like liking things.  I am awfully grateful to her for that.

To that end, here are a few discussion points for us to chew over the next time we head out for drinks:

1- How forward nacelles probably don't make a lot of sense in space, but they still make more sense than a Holodeck
2- How the odds are never in your favor
3- How I like to think I'd be Ravenclaw, but worry that I'm probably Hufflepuff
4- How I don't get how anyone doesn't choose Amity, although I'd prefer to dress like a Dauntless
5- How I'd still rather live on the Ice Planet of Hoth than the Forest Moon of Endor because: Ewoks.
6- How the Mother of Dragons is showier, but Arya Stark needs to end up on the Iron Throne
7- How I can't figure out WHY the Weeping Angels are so awesome and scary, but, man, they are, right?
8- How the Borg are way scarier than the Empire and arguably the scariest bad guys ever
9- How the Lost finale was worse than the Battlestar Galactica finale. Wait.  No.  The other way.  Wait…
10- How I'd prefer to have drinks with the tenth doctor over the eleventh, but would throw them both over for a night out with Captain Jack Harkness
11- How my nerdy passions stop at Lord of the Rings.  I need fully fleshed out ladies in my sci fi/fantasy
12- How sometimes I can't decide if I like Angel more than Buffy and worry that I need to turn in my feminist card if I do
13- How I cried at the end of Doctor Horrible because Joss Whedon is a damn artist
14- How I've seen things you people wouldn't believe
15- How I don't care who Lady Mary ends up with, but could listen to Isobel and Violet snipe with that super British affectionate bitchiness at each other all night (my interests are not THAT narrow)

Got anything to add to the list?