Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's Have Lunch.

I went to Au Bon Pain to get some soup since I haven't been to the grocery store since the pleistocene era.  Laney's only managed to survive since both Don and I always buy at least three boxes of pasta whenever we go to the grocery store, so we've stockpiled about 7000 boxes of whole wheat thin spaghetti. Only Laney eats the whole wheat kind.  Don and I think it's gross. This is either really good or really bad parenting.  Regardless, I went to Au Bon Pain for lunch in the hopes they would have their Corn and Green Chili bisque.  Which they did.  Score.

On the escalator going up at the Merchandise Mart, there was a woman behind me who was having one of those "Ohmigod!  I didn't see you! It's been so long!" conversations with a guy sitting at a table on the first floor.  He seemed to kind of expect her to come back down and chat but she demurred with "On my way to a business meeting."

Doesn't "business meeting" seem kind of redundant?  Are there other kinds of meetings still in the world?  So, I figured the guy at the table was one of her husband's friends and she was off to a engage in the tawdriest of lunchtime quickies with her luvaaaah.  And then I realized that the Merchandise Mart isn't probably the best place for a lunchtime quickie and also that there's a Weight Watchers meeting (see: MEETING) at the Apparel Center across the way so he was probably an ex-boyfriend and she was off to Weight Watchers.  I preferred the tawdry lunchtime quickie idea though.  Made me feel a little like an extra in a soap opera.

Remember soap operas?  I was a Guiding Light gal.  Now soap operas are gone and everyone just watches the goddamn Housewives.  I can't with those shows.  I barely tolerate amateur assholes.  Once they turn professional, I'm done.  I miss the Quartermaines*.

On the way back to my office I passed a lady who was wearing a long denim skirt and I thought she might have been a sister wife, but she was wearing too much makeup.  So, I guess there's no heinous fashion trend from the 80s that doesn't eventually make it back around.  I'm just going to start wearing my blush like Pat Benatar.

There.  Now it's just like we had lunch together!

*I know the Quartermaines were General Hospital.  But I couldn't think of the big family name on Guiding Light.  Or All My Children.  And, by god,  I watched them ALL.