Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lightening Up - Now a Post about Bacon and Vagina

Actually, I've tricked you!  I am also scolding you in this one.

It seems like last year, folks around the world decided that only by using the word "vagina" they could ensure that their readers/listeners would collapse in heaps of uncontrolled laughter.  But this was never true.  It wasn't the word "vagina" itself that was hilarious.  It had to be used in appropriately humorous circumstances in order to be funny.  Like this:

That's funny.

Bacon is the new vagina.  Consuming bacon is not inherently hilarious.  Enjoying bacon is not inherently hilarious.  Stop it with the easy humor.  If you want to make hilarious bacon jokes, do the work around making it really funny.  Like this:

Seriously, you guys, why don't more people watch Parks and Recreation?  If you watched Parks and Recreation, you'd know about Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness, in which Bacon is covered under the category of "Pig Protein," because Parks and Recreation is funny: