Friday, April 30, 2010

This is Just Something I Suspect

You know, evidently everyone agrees that immigration is a problem and that there's a significant strain on resources due to the amount of undocumented aliens in America and something must be done blah blah blah. I might be paranoid, but I suspect if you lined up all the things that were an enormous strain on our resources, undocumented aliens would be pretty far down the list. I bet I can think of five things off the top of my head that are bigger fish to fry:

1. Climate change. We're talking a threat of biblical proportion from climate change and we're now living in a country where like a third of us don't believe it's even happening. The? Fuck?
2. War. We're in one. In Afghanistan. Wars are really expensive, plus lots of people die in them.
3. People still hate us. They might hate us less, but it would probably be good to do more to restore our standing in the rest of the world and do a little bit to convince the folks living in the middle east that normal, sane Americans don't really believe that our god is bigger than theirs.
4. Healthcare. I know we passed a bill already, but it's kind of a wimpy one. I'm not sure the likelihood of being bankrupted by a severe medical issue has actually dropped away.
5. Jobbity jobs jobs. We need to start making stuff here again. A good way to do that would be to stop rewarding people for making stuff in other places.
6. Here's an extra - we're also living in a country where a state law says you can reasonably suspect someone's an illegal alien without providing one single solitary example of how you reasonably suspect someone's legal status without f**king reasonably suspecting every Mexican person you see in Arizona. And that is super shitty.
7. Here's one more - people in Alabama think it's better for a kid to leave them in foster care in perpetuity than it is to let a gay couple raise them. Because Mike Huckabee says kids aren't puppies. Or something. And that is SUPER shitty.
8. One more - a woman in Oklahoma who wants to undergo a LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE can't do it until she lets someone else shove an ultrasound wand up her vagina FOR NO MEDICAL REASON.
9. Oh, let's keep on going, how about the fact that there's an oil spill the size of freaking DELAWARE in the Gulf of Mexico? And our president seems to be cool with Drill, baby, drill (the stupidest fucking idea since the Zune)
10. Finally, Sarah Palin made 12 million dollars last year. Sarah Palin. Sarah Fucking Palin. I know I wasn't going to write about her, but that pisses me off.

I got carried away. Makes me furious. Here's what I'm saying: with all the super scary stuff out there, I have a hard time getting all fired up about whether or not the guy working the kitchen at my neighborhood diner has a legit social security number.

And I suspect that the Lou Dobbs' out there are all pissed off about "the illegals" because people like to think that they'd have everything, they'd be Sarah Fucking Palin if only it weren't for that damn minority taking it away.

Yeah, I said it.